About me/Disclaimer

The worlds first succesfull hybrid between a disclaimer and an about me page! Astounding!

All the reviews and opinions on this blog are my own. I may accept ads, links and other advertising materials. I'm a college student, so any little bit helps. I'm not being handed bags of cash to shill for bad products or services (Cough cough, Dragon Age Guys) nor will I be making seperate accounts and ghost posting to me, about me (Cough cough, Scott Adams). I'm just a young adult trying to make it in a world thats jaded beyond all reason. On a totally unrelated note, if you'd like to help out with my college expenses, hit the donate buttons thatyou'll see flitting about the site, like so many lightning bugs in the fields of innocent youth.

I don't put up ads that will give you spyware, or anything NSFW (Not-safe-for-work),  and again, all of my reviews are my opinions.
There are a LOT of sites that claim to be able to make you money, and a LOT of them are false, fake or just not worth the time. There are however, a lot f sites that are totally legitimate and can provide a viable source of income. This site is about separating the good from the bad, and my personal experiences with all of them.