Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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Site Rating- 10/10

There are literally MILLIONS of sites out there that promise to make you filthy rich for doing nothing, pay you tons of cash for doing simple things etc, but today let's look at a site that is refreshingly different from the

The site itself is simply designed, not all in your face with a million widgets and toolbars and such, quick to approve your blogs (so long as they meet the requirements), and the best part (in my opinion)- ACTUAL CUSTOMER SERVICE! I have only had a couple of issues with things in the time I've been a member, and the problems weren't even big, but they always got handled quickly, which is so far from the norm it really deserves to be mentioned.

As for the payment potential, that really depends on you. How many blogs you run, how fast you do your assigned tasks, and how much traffic you get in the first place all figure in heavily. This isn't a site that will pay you for doing nothing, you have to do what is asked of you and follow the instructions, but they aren't difficult at all, so the only excuse for not making the amount you want is really laziness. I was skeptical at first, so much so that even after I  got my first payment I still didn't get my hopes up, but it's been a few months and the payments have always been on time, so I'm getting into it like I should have been doing this whole time. Catch you cats later.

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